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We are Julius and Irene Lopez

Like you, we have struggles balancing family time, homework, playtime, and screen-time.

After a ton of research, reading, and practice we have developed an outline to be role models for our child, ways to mentor respect and responsibility when using social media, while practicing moderation with the help of built-in settings and available apps.

We created WebSafe Academy to share our knowledge with you!

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Julius Lopez

I have enjoyed a career as an Information Systems Administrator. In that role, I have deployed thousands of secured desktops, laptops, and mobile devices at BBC, Intuit, and UCLA. While I was testing parental control apps, to best help our daughter learn to balance device time and real time, I answered the request from our daughter’s school asking for an IT professional to do a presentation about kids and devices.
I approach WebSafe Academy from the position of having many years of experience in IT security and device management across the Mac and Windows desktops platforms and all mobile platforms. Within our blog, I write TechDad, where I offer up the latest news on devices and solutions from the tech perspective.

In addition to WebSafe Academy, I provide web design, hosting, and eCommerce solutions through my business JLC Sites.

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Irene Lopez

My expertise spans several marketing disciplines. I spent the majority of my career in the advertising business working for high profile agencies such as Chiat/Day and McCann-Erickson. I have sold digital advertising for publishers such as travelandleisure.com, foodandwine.com and americanexpress.com. Recently, I served as a marketing consultant for the largest youth soccer organization, AYSO. I bring to WebSafe Academy the perspective of how advertisers utilize social media to market their products.

I write the Mom’s View for our blog bringing my perspective as a mom and marketing professional.

In addition to WebSafe Academy, through my business Trivessa, I provide marketing consultation, media planning and placement and social media marketing.

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What we do

We are dedicated to helping parents provide their children a safe on-ramp to mobile devices, social media, and the internet.

We believe that buying a child a smartphone is no different than buying their first bike.

Start with a push bike, or maybe a two wheeler with training wheels. As parents, we help them learn…

  • respect for rules of the road and others
  • watch out for hazards
  • maintain balance
  • control

The use of smartphones is very similar. Kids need be taught respect of rules, others, balance, and control.

It is up to us to be their model. By modeling respect, balance, and control, we can be the mentor for our kids.

This is the core of our talks with parents and kids.

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