Are parental control apps still relevant?

by | Aug 18, 2018

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Flying Solo
Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems will soon be featuring native parental control tools. While Apple has offered these tools for some time, Google is just now adding them. Both, however, will provide parents of single platform homes some great controls without the need of additional software.

While these solutions are great, they only support their respective platforms. That is to say they only allow you to manage either Apple devices or Android devices, not both. Also consider, these new features do not allow you to manage desktop or laptop usage.

So while Apple and Google’s new updates will make it easier to manage mobile devices, those looking for a way to manage mobile, desktops, and laptops, will still need a tool that brings everything under a single interface. This means looking elsewhere for a unified solution.

For Many, One
For families, schools, or organizations with Apple, Google, and Microsoft devices, you may want to consider a multi-platform service that allows management of devices regardless of platform. You can find many of these in our Reviews section. Any of these solutions, along with others, will allow you to manage a number of devices comprising different operating systems be they mobile, or desktop, from a single dashboard. This makes management simple. Need to make a change to the time allowed for your child? Easy, locate their account within the dashboard and make your edits. Save the change and it gets sent to the device. Easy!

Choose Wisely
As long as there are two major mobile operating systems, the parental control app market isn’t going anywhere. Not to take away anything from Apple or Google, Apple’s updated controls, and Google’s new controls, are a great benefit to many. In my home, I plan to implement the new controls on our personal devices since we are an Apple family.

But for the majority of our friends with a mix of iOS and Android phones, and Windows computers, our recommendation is to consider tools that allow you to wrangle up all of your devices under an umbrella that let’s you keep on top of what your family has going on with their devices.

I invite you to check out our Reviews to learn more about any of these products to help you make an informed decision. If you find yourself cross-eyed from all the available options, then book a One to One and to get personalized assistance on what may work best for you.

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