Digital Citizenship Week Tip Recap

by | Oct 20, 2018

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In honor of Digital Citizenship Week, we posted a tip-a-day this week. Here we have rounded up all of the tips in one place for your reference.¬†Here’s to being and raising good digital citizens!

Tip #1:

Be a good citizen in public places. Use headphones or earbuds when listening to music or watching videos.

Tip #2:

Family time is meal time. So stack devices away from the table and enjoy a good conversation.

Tip #3:

Be kind and considerate. Ask permission to take photos of others and ask their permission to post their photo to social media.

Tip #4:

Promote positivity in what you text, share, tweet and post.

Tip #5:

You are you, not the sum of your followers, likes, shares and streaks. Don’t go chasing likes.

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