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One to Ones for Seniors

We are excited to announce that we have just launched One to Ones for Seniors. This personalized instruction helps older adults gain confidence using computers, mobile and smart-home devices.

Our Newly Redesigned Website

We are excited to announce our newly redesigned website. We have redesigned our site with a focus on our One to Ones. Read about our changes and check out our One to Ones!

Study links screen usage to developmental delays in toddlers, possibly beyond

As a mom, there are any number of things to worry about that can cause developmental delays in children. But the latest research in this area is of real cause for concern be cause it is so easily avoided and parents can take an active role in prevention.

The real price of low cost TVs

New TV prices are reaching all-time lows. And with the big game, some may be discounted farther. Business Insider reports on what is bringing the price down.


Are you guilty of Sharenting?

How much do you share about your child? Do you post lots of photos or are your more private in what in post? Or not at all? We explore the topic of Sharenting or oversharing photos of your kids. Read More

Special Bundle Pricing on our Talks

School admin? Parent? Concerned about kids and devices? We can help! Check out our limited time offer. Now through 10/15/18, save 20% on a our bundle of both talks - Modeling, Mentoring and Managing for parents and Digital Citizenship for Kids. Read More

Devices and Your Child’s Eyes

Screen time has lead to risk factors for so many issues including sleep disorders, obesity, bullying and obesity. Another area of concern are the eyes. In this post, I provide info on eye fatigue and dry eye. Read More