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Special Bundle Pricing on our Talks

by Sep 24, 2018

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Are you a school administrator, parent of a school-age child, school alum or other adult concerned about kids and devices?

We are offering a special bundled pricing of 20% off on our two talks – Modeling, Mentoring and Managing for parents and Digital Citizenship for Kids. Our talks are delivered from a background of years of experience in IT security and device management across the Mac and Windows desktops platforms and all mobile platforms – plus that of parenting a teen!

What is our talk – Modeling Mentoring and Managing?

Our talk, Modeling, Mentoring, and Managing can build a foundation upon which parents and their children can initiate a conversation. Unlike other programs, we don’t promise device-related issues will go away. Instead, our talks provide straight forward, common sense strategies using a positive approach that parents can take home and utilize to move forward.

Modeling, Mentoring, and Managing dives into modeling phone etiquette for our kids, how to be their mentor, responsible and respectful use of social media, and tips for parents on how to take the sting of managing screen time. This is a parent focused talk, while being kid friendly.

What is our talk – Digital Citizenship for Kids?

Our talk, Digital Citizenship for Kids helps kids navigate the digital world and avoid the pitfalls they may encounter. We deliver this talk in a positive, engaging manner with the understanding that kids generally strive to be their best selves.

We touch on phone etiquette basics, how to be respectful and responsible with social media, and how to value real relationships over virtual ones. This talk is conversational and interactive. Digital Citizenship for Kids teaches children how to share responsibly, the permanency of their online life, how to identify stranger danger online, cyberbullying in social media, and what to do if they encounter it. We also touch on the topic of how to make a phone call. This talk can be tailored to your school’s policies and community’s goals.

Offer Details

We want this to be easy for your school to participate in this offer so scheduling is flexible. The booking and payment must be made by 10/31/18, but the talks can be scheduled anytime during the 2018/2019 school year, based on available dates

We want the talks to be productive for your school so we consult with you prior to the talks via telephone and email to coordinate the details and help ensure success. This allows you to provide specific issues or concerns you may that we can address in our talk, if necessary.

We want the talks to be a success for your school so we include Marketing assistance for the parent talk. We provide a flyer PDF with event info you can print for distribution or distribute electronically. A custom online booking link will be provided to you for the parent talk for RSVPs. Use it to promote via your school website, email newsletters, social media, flyers, or other school communications. This link can also be used if you wish to extend the invitation to others outside your immediate school community.

And we do not want there to be extra hidden costs. For talks within the Southern California region, we cover transportation to and from the talks, our accommodations, if needed, and our own meals.

Ready for More Info?

If you are ready to get more info, take a look at the info on our Talks page, contact us or pick a time that works for you and schedule a time to speak with us using on Calendly. (There is no cost to use Calendly and no need to register.)