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by | Oct 31, 2018

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Do you find it a battle trying to manage your kids and their devices? There is no magic eight ball in this constant struggle, but a parental control app will take some of the burden off being the bad guy so you can spend more quality time together as a family. We have rounded up several of the most popular parental control apps and give you a comparison of features across the various apps to help you decide which one may work for your family.

We invite you to review the information, visit the links and decide which will best suit your needs. Many of them have free trial periods or a free basic version so you can get a sense of the features prior to making a full commitment.

 FamilyTimemSpyNetsanityMobicipNet NannyQustodio
Link for info/

iOS; Android;
Amazon Kindle
iOS; Android
(Samsung only)
iOS; Android; Kindle;
Mac; Windows
Android; iOS;
Mac; Windows
iOS; Android; Kindle;
Nook; Mac; Windows
Free optionfree demo
Trial period3 day14 day7 day14 day30 day**
# of children/
5/highest plan1 child device/plan3/highest tier20/standard plan15/highest tier15/highest tier
Screen time limit
Time Bank
Content filteringiOS*
Website filteringAndroid*
Social network monitoring
FamilyTimemSpyNetsanityMobicipNet NannyQustodio
Messaging app monitoring
Location tracking
Blocking apps
Blocking content
Website monitoring
Monitoring usage
Monitoring contacts
Call/SMS trackingAndroid*Android*
Other features/
panic & pick-me-up
buttons; teen driving alerts
some features require
jailbreak on iPhone

browsing history;
co-parent invite
Link to purchase/

For products such as Circle by Disney and Router Limits that include both hardware device management, as well as our full list of filtering hardware options, please visit our Internet Filtering Hardware solutions. 

* Available on specified OS only.  **No trial period, but provides 30 day money back guarantee.

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help! We have a number of solutions for parents, schools and organizations to help kids stay safe online. Check out our Internet Filtering Hardware page to compare and purchase a web filtering device which can help reduce the chance of exposure to inappropriate content as well as provide device management. We also have a number of Internet Security Software Suites to which can be installed on your devices to help prevent malware attacks, provide firewall security and filter content to help keep your family safe.

If you need personalized assistance with setting up home web filtering or content settings, head over to our One to Ones page and select one of our personalized consultations.

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