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With digital devices reaching children as early as two, we understand the need to help parents, faculty, and organization leaders, to help children understand the good and bad about these devices.

We strive to help parents and children understand that, when used correctly, these devices can provide paths to knowledge and fun never before available yet being mindful they potential for danger. We believe knowledge keeps us on the right path.

WebSafe Adcademy Talks deliver a positive message, and practical advice, all wrapped in an engaging discussion.

Learn more about these powerful talks by letting us know a little about you and your organization. We will help you deliver a successful talk at your school, club, or organization!

Digital Citizenship for Kids

“Digital Citizenship for Kids” helps kids navigate the digital world and avoid the pitfalls they may encounter while online. We deliver this talk in a positive, engaging manner with the understanding that kids generally strive to be their best selves.

This talk is designed to fit within a class period.

Modeling, Mentoring, and Managing

“Modeling, Mentoring, and Managing – Kids and Devices” Provides parents with positive, common sense strategies to promote positive modeling behavior, practical mentoring tips, and advice on how to manage devices beyond the built-in settings.

This is a thirty to forty-five minute talk, with a ten to fifteen minute Q&A. This talk is parent focused while being kid friendly.

Happy customers

Mr. Lopez has been wonderful in educating our families at parent meetings through his presentation “Modeling, Mentoring and Managing” for parents. He is passionate about online safety and protecting our children.

Kevin Chong

Vice Principal, Hale Charter Academy

We have had Julius address parent’s concerns over internet safety. He covers topics that are not only current, but good conversation starters with your kids. You will learn about ways to protect your children and avoid potential disasters!

Christine McGrath

Board Member, Hale PTO

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